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Derrinlough Briquette Factory Under Construction

In the early 1960’s two new briquette factories, Derrinlough and Croghan, opened because of the demand for briquettes.

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Briquette Marketing Float

Due to the opening of Derrinlough and Croghan, Bord na Móna began to market briquettes. Before this, Lullymore could not meet the demand and marketing was not required.

Advertisement for Briquettes

The use of Briquettes expanded and Bord na Móna began to use marketing campaigns - the first publicity officer was appointed in 1962.

Covering Stockpile with Polythene

In 1961, Hurricane Debbie caused serious damage to milled peat stocks. This led to the decision to protect the stockpiles with polythene.

Frozen Peat Stockpile

In early 1962, the stockpiles were frozen due to the low temperatures and the men had to use pickaxes and sledge hammers to break through the frost.

Windrowing Machine

During the 1960’s, harvesting and footing of turf continued to involve manual labour. Eventually a machine was developed to perform the windrowing procedure.

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Steba Peat Moss Cutter

By 1967, Bord na Móna was operating six sod moss machines which cut the peat moss in sods from the bog and stacked them in walls.

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Shannonbridge Power Station

In 1960, the board of Bord na Móna agreed a bog development programme costing £0.5 million to supply fuel to new peat fired power stations including Shannonbridge.

Crossing the Shannon

Bord na Móna's civil works section designed and built many bridges over the years including this one which links the bogs on the Western bank of the Shannon with Blackwater.

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Foidin Machine

Due to poor weather condition in the 1960s the board began the Foidin experiment. The short cycle harvesting project, however, was not a success.

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