Pre 1930s

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Bog Commission Reports

The four reports surveyed the bogs of Ireland and recommended how they might be drained and converted for agriculture.

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Richard Griffith

Richard Griffith surveyed 80,000 hectares of mountain bog during 1,300 days of intensive field work spread from 1809-1813.

Peat Distillation

A large peat distillation plant was established at Kilberry, in 1849 for the preparation and purification of peat tar and other distillates.

Charles Hodgson and his son

The most comprehensive and technically perfect system of peat fuel production in Ireland was started at Derrylea by Charles Hodgson in 1860.

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Peat Coal Poster

Robert Alloway produced a fuel based on a peat coal mixture at Ballybrittas in 1867.

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Bringing Home the Turf

For hundreds of years Irish people used turf for cooking and heating their homes.

Turraun Peat Works

Sir John Purser Griffith bought Turraun in 1910 and over the years developed and expanded it. In 1924, he began to produce machine sod turf with German machines.

Irish Peat Enquiry Committee

The Enquiry Committee was established to inquire into the winning, preparation and use of peat fuel and for other purposes.

Dail Report on Peat 1921

The recommendations of this report eventually led to the establishment of the Turf Development Board.