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Lullymore Briquette Factory

The Peat Fuel Company Ltd. Developed the bog at Lullymore for large scale mining operations and built a briquette factory for 50,000 tons of annual output.

Eamon de Valera and Sean Lemass at the National Turf Cutting Competition

Eamon de Valera launched the National Turf Cutting competition each year in the 1930’s.

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Turf Cutting Competitions

The competition was launched to increase the awareness of peat as a fuel and to help increase production.

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The Turf Development Board met at Moore’s Lane, Clonlast

The Turf Development Board was founded in 1934 to develop Ireland’s peat resources and to create a market for hand won turf.

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Russian Peat Production in 1935

A delegate from the Turf Development Board travelled to Germany and Russia to study large scale production of peat.

Turf Development Board acquires Turraun

In 1935, the Turf Development Board bought John Purser Griffith’s plant at Turraun and used it to gain experience of mechanised peat production.

Bagger Sunk at Turraun

The early machines caused considerable problems, the German baggers were not fully suited to Irish conditions and often sank in the bog.

Men Working on Bagger

The Turf Development Board surveyed Clonlast bog in 1936 and the first bagger began operating there in 1939.

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Digging an Outfall at Clonlast

The first major task at Clonsast was the digging by hand of the drains. The TBD underwent a difficult learning period as it tried to drain Clonlast too quickly.