Windrowing Machine

Type – III

The purpose of the machine is to pick up the partly dried sods from the spread ground and form them into windrows to accelerate drying.

Basically the machine consists of a tractor unit propelling large diameter spiked drums in front of it and carrying chain/bar conveyors extending from the pick-up drums to the rear of the tractor unit.

The tractor unit is supported on caterpillar type, power driven tracks and steered by coil clutch and brake arrangement. The power unit is an air cooled diesel engine.

The pick-up drums (8off) are independently supported and free to follow the bog surface. As they pass over the spread, the spikes penetrate the sods and lift them to the level of the conveyors, where fingers force them off the spikes and are carried away by the conveyors. The sods are discharged at the rear of the machine in windrow form, 1½ metres apart.