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Mary Robinson at Loch an Dochais

In 1997, the President inaugurated Loch an Dochais - one of the most rewarding aspects of the evolving Lough Boora Parklands complex.

Formal Equity Ceremony in Newbridge

In May 1995 the Government decided to invest equity in Bord na Móna. This was the re-capitalisation of the company.

Puraflo Treatment System

Arising from the work of the research and development the liquid effluent treatment system Puraflo was launched in 1990.

Opening of the Peat Energy Division Office

A task force was established to study the structure of the company. The final report recommended that the company be divided into decentralised autonomous business units.

Wind Farm at Bellacorick, Co.Mayo

In 1991, Bord na Móna joined with a group of developers to establish a wind farm in Co. Mayo. Bord na Móna has since bought additional shares in the venture and now owns 100% of the company.

Volatile Organic Compounds Test Rig

Continuous research and development led to the expansion of peat based biofiltration systems into non-peat based products for the abatement of odour and volatile organic compounds in air streams.

Firelog and Firepak

Research and development in the fuels division led to the introduction of new products including the firelog and the firepak. The firelog was voted new product of the year by Checkout magazine.

B&Q Multipurpose Compost

In 1992, Bord na Móna won a contract to supply retail horticultural products to the large B&Q chain in Britain.

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