Thursday 5 October, 2017

Christmas With the Turf Development Board

Taken from: An Slean, Vol.1, No.12, December 1944, p.5.

Droichead Nua A/1 and Edenderry D/9, the Christmas Holiday Camps, will once again resound with the happy noise of fun and happy laughter during the coming Christmas Holidays, as our workers who are our Guests for the holidays, participate in the round of feasting and entertainments which is being provided for them.

Right good fun and fare it will indeed be, as the programme on this page indicates, and right well, as we know from past experiences, will our “Guests” whole-heartedly join in the Yuletide merrymaking.

Our Guests can come and go as they wish. All they have to remember is to be in time for the various items on the programme in which they are interested. On the menu side of the programme we do not anticipate any late-comers, neither do we want to see anything other than big healthy appetites, and don’t be afraid to ask for more, it will be there, and when we call for assistants to help at “Roll out the Barrel” (or should we say “barrels?”) let you be up and doing!

We want all of you who intend to avail of the free Cinema performances to be very punctual, as this is one item on the programme which must begin sharp, for two reasons. One to enable our friends, the operators, to run their full programme in the specified time, and secondly, to ensure that you are all back in time  for a wash and brush up before the main item of the day, the Xmas dinner.

As on last year “Guest Badges” will be issued to our Guests, with the Name, Camp and Control number written thereon. These badges will be issued before leaving the Home Camps, and must be worn constantly throughout the holidays. They will be of three colours – White, for the Guests, Green for the Camp Staffs, Red for Superintendents and Yellow for Headquarters Staff officials.

During the Community Concert on Christmas Night there will be a Free Lucky Draw for Christmas Presents, and, in addition, prizes will be awarded for the most entertaining and amusing items provided.

It is our experience that artistes are usually available in plenty, but to ensure that there is an opportunity given to those of you who have been preparing something special to perform, please give your names to your Camp Superintendents at your Home Camps, or at the Holiday Camps.

The Superintendents and Assistants of the Home Camps will be on duty at the “Holiday Camps” in which their own men are Guests, and will be available throughout the holidays.

A final word. The Camp Stewards and skeleton staffs who must remain on duty at the outer Camps over the Christmas are not being forgotten. Special Hampers, each containing a goodly portion of each item on the Xmas menu are being arranged for and will be delivered on Saturday, 23rd December. Wireless sets to while away the hours are being checked up for each of the Camps, and the Chief Camp Superintendent and members of the Staff will visit each of the Camps on Christmas Day to wish you all a Nollaig Shona Duit, and to all our workers who are our Guests for Christmas, to all those who found the “Little Grey Home in the West” calling them home for Xmas, to all those who were with us during the year – from the Chief Camp Superintendent and the Camp and Assistant Superintendents, we wish you a thoroughly Happy Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year.


Chief Camp Superintendent.


9 a.m. – Special Breakfast.

10 a. m. to 1 p.m. – Recreation Hall, darts, rings, draughts, cards.

1 p.m. – Xmas Light Lunch.

2.30 p.m. – Special exclusive picture show.

At Picture Palace, Droichead Nua (by kind permission of management) and, at the Town Hall, Edenderry (by kind permission of Mr. John Kelly)

6 p.m. – Xmas Dinner. Menu, Soup, Turkey, Ham, Veg, Sweet, Tea or Milk. Refreshments.

8 p.m. – Community Concert.


9 a.m. – Special Breakfast.

1 p.m. – Special Dinner.

3 p.m. – Outdoor Events (Sports and Football).

Recreation Hall – Games etc.

5 p.m. – High Tea

8 p.m. – Free Social and dance, Spot Prizes and Novelties.