Locomotive 80HP

Type – Wagonmaster

The purpose of this locomotive is to haul milled peat from the bog stockpiles to the power stations or briquetting factory, with the ability to haul loaded wagon trains on temporary track with steep gradients and to attain high speed on long hauls on permanent track.

The locomotive is powered by a water cooled diesel engine driving through a fluid coupling, automotive type clutch, standard automobile change speed gearbox, a special reversing bevel/spur reduction gearbox and drive and coupling rods to the wheels.

The main frame is fabricated steel plate. The axles run in self aligning double row roller bearings in cast steel housings sliding in horn guides with manganese steel wearing faces. A cab of generous size is provided, with a tumbling type seat to facilitate driving in both directions.

The clutch control pedal is duplicated for the two driving positions.

The braking system is mechanical hand operated.

Sanding gear is fitted, directing sand on the rails ahead of all four wheels, operated by hand levers within the cab.

The locomotive is fitted with beam lighting, electric windscreen wipers and driving mirrors for both directions of travel.