Diesel Locomotive

Type – 40HP and 48HP

These are general purpose locomotives of standard manufacture; the smaller unit is used for shunting and bog service, while the larger unit is generally employed on the transporting of sod peat and milled peat from bog stock piles to the power station, tip-heads or briquette factories.

These locomotives are powered by a water-cooled diesel engine coupled to a three speed constant mesh gearbox incorporating a separate disc clutch for each gear and a final bevel gear reversing set mounted on the jackshaft.

In the case of the larger unit, an additional shaft is incorporated to provide two further spur gear meshes, to give an additional 3 lower speeds. The drives from the gearbox to the two axles, are by sprockets and chain.

The main frame is fabricated in steel and supported by leaf springs on oil reservoir axle boxes with half bronze bearings, located external to the wheels. The axle boxes are located relative to the gearbox by radius rods.

The locomotives are fitted with four sand boxes with operating linkage to levers in the driver’s cab.

All locomotives are equipped with lights to facilitate night driving.