Matless Draglines

In 1958 a new under-frame for the ⅜ cu. yard (.29 cu. m.) dragline was designed to give 2 lbs. / sq. inch (.14 kg. / sq. cm.) bearing pressure instead of 8 lbs. / sq. inch (.57 kg. / sq. cm) and so obviate the need for the use of mats.

By this change, the machines can move rapidly over the bog to do relatively small jobs which would earlier have been done by hand owing to the slowness and difficulty of moving the dragline over timber mats.

When operating on peat a 1 cu. yard (.76 cu.m.) bucket is fitted instead of the ⅜ cu. yard for rock.  Apart from the increased mobility and reliability of the machine, the elimination of the mats permitted the removal of the groundsman. This means that the draglines are operated by the driver only.