Used with Agricultural Type Tractor

The purpose of this attachment is to turn and serrate the milled peat immediately after the fields have been milled, and at intervals to accelerate drying.

The attachment is made up of four spoon frames, each supported on two twin rollers, and towed by a common frame, which is also supported on rollers and hitched to the tractor.

The spoon frames are made in steel tubes and are triangular in shape, with two spare projecting at 45 degrees from the base of the triangle at the rear, each to carry a bank of spoons. The spoon is a curved plate, the base of which is a straight line, is set at an angle to the line of travel and while the front is curved back from its base, the rear is curved forward. The actual spoon is welded to an arm made up of spring steel, which is pin jointed to the 45 degree spar to allow movement in the vertical plane. These spoons are pitched to ensure that all the peat is turned.

The four spoon frames are each free to follow the bog surface on their supporting rollers but are connected to each other by a pin jointed link to facilitate turning.

The supporting rollers of the towing frame are located in line with the towing points of the rear frames, and are free to move laterally to facilitate turning.

Spoon lifting gear is fitted. Each spoon arm is connected to a miniature beam over each bank of spoons. A wire rope from the centre of this beam passes over a supported pulley and secured to a special frame on the rear of the tractor. The standard tractor hydraulics actuate this frame to lift or lower the spoons as required.