Bulldozer Attachment

The bulldozer attachment fitted to this tractor is produced by a firm of specialists in tractor attachments.

The blade is adjustable to a maximum angle of 26 0 in the horizontal plane and can be tilted in the vertical plane to produce a camber of 9″ over the length of the blade. The blade is made in fabricated steel strongly ribbed with replaceable cutting edge and corner shoes. The arms take the form of  a ‘U’ frame, accommodated between the two tracks, supporting blade at the closed end on a central pivot and two pinned side struts, (adjustable for angle) while the open ends are secured to a cross trunnion between the two track frames.

The blade is controlled by hydraulic rams located between the attachment arms and brackets secured to track frames.

Bulldozer Attachment

Type – Straight (For use with Bord na Móna tractor)

For use with Bord na Móna tractor

This attachment is used as a general purpose implement for levelling, filling and preparing rail beds, etc.,

This attachment is generally the same as the conventional bulldozer attachment for the various standard tractors except that it is of somewhat lighter construction for bog work. The blade is a curved steel plate reinforced with standard steel sections and gussets, and has end plates braced back to the face of the blade to increase capacity. The push arms, made from standard steel channel section are attached to brackets on the end of the blade by bolting, and to the track frame of the tractor by plain bearing pivot arrangement. The blade is controlled by two hydraulic rams acting in the horizontal plane, through a lever bracket and drop link. The hydraulic rams are anchored at the rear of the tractor frame.